Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm sick! i hate being sick,errr. but the good news in all this is that i get a little break from the kids. doug is playing with them and taking good care of them, also i have caught up on a few movies (the painted veil and a classic movie with susan hayward) also i get to read (a book about lewis and clark) so even though it stinks being sick, if you have the luxury of having someone make you breakfast and take care of the kids it can be restful.
has anyone seen the new movie AUSTRALIA? it is sooo good, i was able to go the other night.i loved it. it s the same director as moulin rouge and is kinda along the lines of out of africa with a little adventure and some funny parts and great costumes and the cinematography was great. worth seeing just to make you want to explore the outback. crickey! anyway it is now in my top 10

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

oh brother! (i sound like sommer), i'm really not into this whole "moving to kansas" bit...sounds a little over the rainbow to me. haha
really though, my sis keeps saying stuff about moving and i really really don't want her to go anywhere we can't drive to in a weekend. i get the whole lets get outta here thing, but seriously KANSAS! i hate the place, i rue the day the ever invented KANSAS, who's the ad whiz that came up with that one? errrrrrrr! bye forever!
and ever!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


okay i did something wrong... the music was supposed to be the title of this blog, so keep up.
i hadn't been to a concert in like 10 years and then last weekend i went to 2... i had sooooo much fun!
the first was ingrid michaelson ! LOVE HERRRR! she is awesome.check out her stuff. she had this cool guitarist newton faulkner, as in meet the faulkners, he rocked too. i've been listening to him all week,as well as ingrid. that concert was in the city, i always love s.f. it feels like i'm going home whenever i go there. i love that the city is a wake really really late. we ate at a nice little italian place, then headed over to the very small(500 people) venue. it was a great concert, and we stood just off to the side of the stage so we had a rad view the whole time. we got home around 4 in the was so fun being out all night.
then the next night was the bonfire slash chili cook off. and that was a blast, 3 winners-but all the 20+ chilis were worthy of being entered. great job done by all, and a little rain didn't even damper the fun
next day while i was running around rbc project in elkgrove, missy called and said she had an extra ticket to a concert in nevada city. how could i say no to my girl, so iwas off and running again. we walked from missy's house down that cool little town into a great old miner's building...where we saw a great performer, bri anne michelle ( on my space music if you want to check her out), she was very cool. then we walked over to friar tucks for a burger and beer. it was really fun walking back home... we brought a couple of people she knew from work with us, so they could have some tea b4 driving home. we talked with them for a long time, then they left. and missy and i had such a fun time talking that she decided to stay with me in the guest room and chat the night away,( and she got hungry for a banana dipped all the way in peanut butter and then brought it to bed with her and it fell all over her trundle bed, it was so funny , i couldn't stop laughing) ( the guys were all having a camp out with the kids in the living room and they were like "yeah we know, you couldn't stop laughing we heard you all night"). it was a ton of fun, i haven't had that much fun in a long time... the music was good the company was great both nights, i just had TOO MUCH FUN as my dad would say.